From North to South.

With a length of 679 km on the north-south axis, the MIDAL (Mitte-Deutschland-Anbindungsleitung, Central Germany gas link) is the central element of our gas pipeline system. The northern section has a diameter of 900 mm and runs from Bunde and Rysum to Rehden. The middle section connects Rehden with Reckrod, has a diameter of 1000 mm. From there, with a nominal diameter of 800 mm, it continues for 210 kilometers to Ludwigshafen.

MIDAL-ERM was put into operation in April 1964. The 400 mm pipeline is 57 km long and connects Jockgrim with Ludwigshafen. Our pipelines STEGAL, WEDAL and RHG branch off from the MIDAL. Construction was started in May 1992. Since the end of 1993 they connect the landing point for natural gas from Northwest European supply sources with the German consumer centers.