Flow – making hydrogen happen

With the project Flow - making hydrogen happen, we plan to create a high-performance pipeline system for green hydrogen. We are linking international hydrogen markets and thus opening up supply options for large quantities of hydrogen for industry in Europe. The first pipeline sections could be converted as early as 2025. This will enable CO2 emissions to be reduced more quickly than before. With Flow – making hydrogen happen, we are providing an important building block for the European hydrogen ramp-up and the energy transition.

Existing infrastructure is to be used to quickly open up important regions in Europe for hydrogen ramp-up. Flow – making hydrogen happen connects the Danish "Energy Island" Bornholm with the Czech Republic. Further conversions towards the south-west will also make it possible to connect France and Austria. German regions such as the Halle/Leipzig chemical triangle and the Rhine-Main-Neckar region will also benefit.

The connection to international import routes, hydrogen storage facilities and other large-scale hydrogen transport projects creates additional supply security. In this way, Flow – making hydrogen happen is playing a key role in shaping the European hydrogen ramp-up.

Further information on the Flow – making hydrogen happen project can be found on the project page (www.flow-hydrogen.com).