Ordering capacity internally

The German gas pipeline system is structured hierarchically according to pressure stages. The gas therefore flows through several networks before it reaches the end user. To promote direct gas competition for end users, barriers to market entry have been continuously reduced for small dealers in recent years. In concrete terms this means, for example, that customers need not book themselves through all the networks individually any more. Rather, the network operators do this among themselves by ordering all the requisite capacity internally (Interne Bestellung).

For this reason, all the downstream network operators order their maximum fixed exit capacity to be made available at the network interconnection points or exit points to the respective upstream networks once a year. With a declaration of acceptance to the network operators immediately downstream, GASCADE undertakes to make the contractually agreed capacity available to these network operators.

Internal ordering (Interne Bestellung) is handled in accordance with sections 11 ff. of the Cooperation Agreement.

Capacity Information for 2024

Information about capacity for internal ordering in accordance with §11 subparagraph 9 of the Cooperation Agreement (German language version) you will find here.