• We supply Germany. And connect Europe.

We supply Germany.

And connect Europe.

We transport your natural gas – safe, reliable, efficient and 
environmentally friendly manner. With our gas transmission system
we directly connect five European countries. To guarantee secure 
energy supplies in Germany and Europe for the future.

26/02/2024 | Work on the commercial commissioning of the OAL has been completed, feed-ins now possible in principle.
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15/02/2024 | Creation of a hydrogen infrastructure for the North Sea region. Increasing European energy independence.
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09/02/2024 | EWE joins hydrogen project “Flow – making hydrogen happen”. Partnership between EWE and GASCADE agreed. EWE storage site in Rüdersdorf set to play a crucial role in the hydrogen infrastructure in the East of Germany.
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18/01/2024 | Pipe-laying successfully completed. Preparatory work for commercial commissioning is imminent. First gas feed-ins possible in February 2024.
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