• We supply Germany. And connect Europe.

We supply Germany.

And connect Europe.

We transport your natural gas – safe, reliable, efficient and 
environmentally friendly manner. With our gas transmission system
we directly connect five European countries. To guarantee secure 
energy supplies in Germany and Europe for the future.

31/08/2023 | Since July 1, 2023, GASCADE share in OPAL fully subject to regulation. GASCADE's pipeline system grows by 473 kilometers.
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21/08/2023 | First section of the OAL and land section Mukran approved. Pipeline strengthens security of supply and offers a perspective for the green energy future.
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21/08/2023 | The gas transmission operators GASCADE and GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. agreed on the selection of the capacity booking platform on Polish-German border at the interconnection point Mallnow.
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Information on restrictions to capacities at GASCADE pipeline network due to servicing and maintenance work as well as REMIT news.
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