3,700 kilometers.
More infrastructure.

GASCADE's approximately 3,700 kilometer long natural gas pipeline network connects customers and suppliers throughout Germany. Located in the center of Europe and directly connected to major European transit pipelines and LNG terminals in northeastern Germany, this infrastructure has developed into a hub for European natural gas transport. 


We ensure that the gases we transport - currently natural gas and regasified LNG and, in the future, primarily hydrogen - get to where they are needed. Our centrally located transport infrastructure thus contributes to a secure supply in Germany and Europe.

Information according to § 23 c (4) EnWG in 2023

Deadline: 1 April 2024

Class A B C D E F G
Nominal diameter
DN in mm
≥ 1,000 700–999 500–699 350–499 225–349 110–224 up to 109
in km
2,093 1,175 39 147 54 200 2

Annual exit consumption for DSO's and end consumers in Mio. m³:

Annual exit consumption for DSO's and end consumers in GWh:

Number of exit points/exit ranges in the high pressure grid:

Simultaneous annual peak load of all exits in MW:
59,182 (08/12/2023 13:00)

Total length of pipeline grid:
3,710 km