Gas for Germany.

The pipeline network operated by GASCADE is linked to the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline via the JAGAL (Jamal-Gas-Anbindungsleitung, Yamal gas link). The pipeline begins at the Polish-German border near Mallnow and cover the stretch to Rückersdorf in the state of Thuringia, where it meets since 1999 the STEGAL.

Construction of this 338 km long pipeline was started in September 1995 with tunneling below the River Oder. JAGAL was completed in September 1999 with a similar technical challenge – tunneling below the River Elbe. 

The first 11 kilometers of JAGAL I cover the stretch from the Polish border on the River Oder to Mallnow. This 1,400 mm diameter section was commissioned in late 1996. The second part of JAGAL I, with a length of 97 km, takes the pipeline from Mallnow to Baruth in Brandenburg. This section was completed in 1997 and has a diameter of 1,200 mm. JAGAL II covers the 230 km from Baruth to Rückersdorf in the state of Thuringia, where it meets the STEGAL. Construction work on JAGAL II was started in February 1999. The 1,200 mm diameter gas pipeline was commissioned in the fall of that same year.