Recognizing Potential.
Acting efficiently.

Anyone entering the world of GASCADE may wonder how we are managing what are currently Germany's biggest gas transport projects with a comparatively small team. It is no accident, because we believe in personalities and teamwork. Diversity of opinions and experiences is the motor for our success. And having a flexible organization and a goal-oriented way of thinking enables us to make decisions quickly and correctly.

We combine state-of-the-art technology with solid know-how based on 20 years of experience in gas transport. We trust the potential of our employees, delegate responsibility, and assign activities to people who are suited to them. People who question themselves, are always prepared to learn, and think outside the square. People who will do everything to make things work.

By connecting the NEL and OPAL pipelines to Nord Stream, GASCADE has successfully implemented two of Germany's largest pipeline construction projects to date. This is not possible without intervention in the natural environment. GASCADE knows that the environment and economic success are closely interlinked. That's why we protect the environment in all our construction and operating activities. In addition, observing our compliance standards is just as second nature for us as are the health and safety of our employees.