Incremental Capacities

We are constantly developing the network. As part of the Network Code Capacity Allocation (NC CAM), GASCADE implements the procedure for new capacity to be created together with the other German transmission system operators. It lasts two years and starts in odd-numbered years. Five phases are passed through if necessary. 

The so-called incremental capacity process is coordinated via the FNB Gas

Phase 1 begins after the annual auction for annual capacities. Within eight weeks, the transmission system operators accept non-binding requests from participants for additional capacity at cross-border interconnection points in order to be able to assess the need for additional capacity in market demand analyses. Non-binding requests received after this deadline will not be considered until the next cycle procedure. 

If the market demand report shows that the need for additional capacity to be created exceeds the existing capacity, a procedure for additional capacity to be created is started. In phase 2, technical studies are prepared that include necessary measures, costs, and schedules. In addition, a offer level is prepared that includes the requested capacity. This information is summarized and consulted in a draft project proposal. 

After incorporating consultation feedback and intensive coordination with regulators, TSOs submit a project proposal for review in phase 3. If the project proposal is approved, the additional capacity to be created is offered in the annual auction in phase 4. Whether the marketed capacity is created in phase 5 is decided by the economic viability test carried out by the regulatory authority following marketing.


As of the incremental capacity cycle 2023–2025, the transmission system operators shall charge a fee pursuant to Art. 26 (11) Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (NC CAM) in the amount of € 30,000 per market area border, request type (new capacity to be created or capacity to be upgraded) and flow direction for their activities resulting from the transmission of non-binding market demands. We would like to point out that the fee will also be charged if the transmission of the non-binding market demand to the German transmission system operators is not carried out by the enquirer itself, but by a third party (e.g. by an adjacent foreign transmission system operator) (cf. item 37 BK9-22/042). 
The approval by the Federal Network Agency and detailed information can be found in Decision BK9-22/042 or at the FNB Gas website