Capacity relocation

In order to always provide a demand-based capacity offer at our network points, we follow a range of legal requirements, factual analyses and forecasts. Nevertheless, there are uncertainties which, despite all due care, justify a higher capacity requirement than forecasted by us. In this case, GASCADE offers the possibility of requesting a capacity increase. We will then check whether the request can be met within the framework of existing capacities.

If the capacity is increased at the network point as requested and allocated via auctions, the capacity will be included accordingly in all standard capacity products falling within the requested period. The capacity will be made available to all market participants and announced in a timely manner in advance of the capacity allocation procedures as part of the general publication obligations regarding the capacity to be marketed.

A more detailed information on the subject of capacity relocation can be found on the website of the Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA).

To submit a request for a capacity relocation at GASCADE, please send us the filled out and signed request form, which we provide in the download area under "Capacity booking requests in exceptional cases".