Market area

In the German natural gas industry, market areas comprise the supply area of a number of pipeline network operators. A market area represents the virtual combination of the pipeline networks and downstream distribution networks to form a single balancing zone. Market areas are therefore similar to trading zones. They make it easier to trade with gas. Within a market area, transport customers can conclude flexible entry and exit contracts and use capacities booked in this way. In Germany, there is the market area Trading Hub Europe​​​​​​​.

Market Area Manager

The Market Area Manager fulfills all duties in accordance with the German Energy Management Act within a market area. It balances all gas flows and compensates for any differences which occur. In order to do this, balancing group contracts are concluded with the Balancing Group Managers.

Measuring system audit

At specific intervals, checks are carried out to ensure that the measuring devices are functional and accurate. All measuring devices required to determine the volume and chemical composition of the gas are checked.

Management system

The term management system refers to a higher-level control software tool which can monitor, visualize, control and regulate an entire network infrastructure. At GASCADE, the majority of control functions are provided automatically with the help of programmable logic controllers (PLC) at the GASCADE stations.

One of the tasks of the higher-level management system is to output regulating variables and target values in order to achieve the optimum network status. A further task is to collect and archive measured values and status information such as switch settings. The data is prepared in a standardized, user-friendly format and allows the dispatcher to intervene in the process for control purposes.

Marketable capacities

The capacities available at network points, taking into account capacities which are already booked.