GABi Gas

GABi Gas is a resolution of the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) which contains rules for gas balancing. Among other things, it regulates network account billing, control energy levies and the provision of information.

Gas measuring system

A technical system for volume measurement, revaluation, registration and the remote transmission of measurement values in order to measure the transported energy quantity and manage the gas transport network.

Gas quality

Gas quality is determined by physical parameters (such as the calorific value and Wobbe index) and chemical parameters (accompanying substances). Norms and sets of rules use these parameters to describe gas qualities and define corresponding requirements.

Gas quality measuring system

A technical system (process gas chromatograph) for determining the calorific value of the gas transported. Essentially, the hydrocarbon content is analyzed.

Gas quality reconstruction

GASCADE’s gas quality reconstruction is a system for determining gas quality at any points in a pipeline network on the basis of a simulation model (LINK: SIMULATION). It is approved by the German National Metrology Institute (PTB) and monitored by the Hesse Weights and Measures Department. The gas qualities determined in this way are used in the technical quantity determination process.

Geographical information system

A geographical information system (GIS) is an IT application that allows measurement, official and area-related data to be collected digitally, processed and presented graphically. At GASCADE, the GIS system is the basis for producing and maintaining the extensive pipeline documentation.

German Energy Management Act

The aim of the act is to ensure the most secure, low-cost, consumer-friendly, efficient and environmentally-friendly grid-based supply of electricity and gas for the public, with the electricity and gas increasingly being generated from renewable energy sources.
The regulation of the electricity and gas supply networks is designed to ensure effective, genuine competition in the electricity and gas supply industry and the efficient and reliable operation of energy supply networks in the long term.

GPRM system

The gas pressure regulation and measuring system measures natural gas and reduces the pressure when it is fed into and out of the pipeline network.