Our Compressors.

energises the gas.

On its route from the source to consumers, natural gas travels many thousands of kilometers in large pipelines, during which it loses pressure as the molecules in the flow of gas rub against each other and the inside of the pipe. This loss has to be compensated for. That is done by GASCADE Gastransport GmbH’s nine nationwide compressor stations, which are spaced at around 250 kilometers apart in the pipeline network.

Up to 5,700 revolutions a minute

Natural gas compressors are the heart of those stations. Several impellers arranged behind each other on a shaft in a steel casing rotate at a speed of up to 5,700 revolutions a minute, spinning the molecules of the inflowing gas outward and so compressing them more densely together. Gas turbines like those used in aircraft and the steam turbine drive the compressors. For the purpose of noise control, the gas turbines are located in sound enclosures, which are in turn located in compressor houses. The gas’ volume is reduced when it is compressed. That means more energy can be transported through the pipeline. The pipeline’s capacity increases – and so does supply security for customers.

Compressor Stations
Compressor Stations: 11
Compressor units: 35
Total capacity: 651 MW
Design pressure: 80/100 bar