Reverse Flow to Poland: First auctions successful

Kassel/Leipzig. The first auction for capacities to Poland at the Mallnow network point (reverse flow) on Friday was a success. At the auction via the European PRISMA capacity platform, the Polish gas distributor GAZ-SYSTEM and the German pipeline network operator GASCADE Gastransport GmbH sold bundled capacities for the third and fourth quarter of the current gas year. 787,670 kWh/h (3rd quarter) and 935,638 kWh/h (4th quarter) were auctioned. Four gas distributors took part in the auction, which had to be repeated after technical difficulties. GASCADE will offer the unsold capacities again on PRISMA.

Reverse flow transport was only offered on an interruptible basis until now. Main flow and counterflow were only balanced in the process. Physical transport to Poland was not possible. After conversion of the network interconnection point between the German and the Polish pipeline system, for the first time firm capacity can be marketed for Mallnow. If needed, it is now possible to physically turn the gas flow and to transport up to 620,000 m³/h of natural gas from the German GASPOOL market area to the East.

The Mallnow GASCADE station near Frankfurt/Oder was commissioned in 1996 and mainly takes Russian natural gas from the YAMAL-Europe pipeline. From here the gas flows through the YAGAL (Yamal gas link pipeline) operated by GASCADE towards western Germany. As at all the other stations, control takes place via the latest process control systems straight from the GASCADE dispatching center in Kassel.