Reverse flow: Auctions for remaining capacities coming up

Kassel. From 1 April, GASCADE will offer firm unbundled capacities to Poland at the Mallnow network point via PRISMA, the European capacity platform. Customers can bid on daily or monthly products and – upon further notice – obtain capacities that were not sold during special auctions.

In February, GASCADE and the Polish gas transport company GAZ-SYSTEM offered bundled capacities for the third and fourth quarter of the current fiscal gas year. 787,670 kWh/h (3rd quarter) and 935,638 kWh/h (4th quarter) were auctioned. 
Both companies have modified the network interconnection point between the German and Polish pipeline systems in such a fashion that makes it possible to physically reverse the gas flow. If needed, it is now possible to physically turn the gas flow and to transport up to 620,000 m³/h of natural gas from the German GASPOOL market area to the East.

The Mallnow GASCADE station near Frankfurt/Oder was commissioned in 1996 and takes Russian natural gas from the YAMAL-Europe pipeline. From here the gas flows through the YAGAL (Yamal gas link pipeline) operated by GASCADE towards western Germany.