GASCADE sends family from Knetterheide up into the air

Long-distance gas pipeline operator offers prize during open day

Lippe. Thanks to GASCADE, the Hirsch family from Lippe enjoyed an unforgettable experience. Elmar, his brother Erik and parents Karina and Holger Hirsch went up into the air in a helicopter. The nine-year-old – one of 700 visitors to the open day at GASCADE's Lippe compressor station in Lockhausen – won the half-hour sightseeing tour.

At an altitude of 120 meters, the Hirsch family were able to photograph their house from a bird's eye view. Winner Elmar found the take-off particularly exciting, while his brother was impressed by the helicopter's turning maneuvers. "What a great flight," said Elmar and gave the helicopter pilot a key ring he had made himself as a present.

The open day at the GASCADE compressor station took place this summer after extensive renovation and development work. The company based in Kassel gave residents and other interested people the opportunity to have a look at the eight hectare site and gain an insight into the technical facilities.

Over the course of a year, the engineers at GASCADE built a third compressor hall in Lippe. It houses a new gas turbine with a drive power of 15 megawatts. From the station, GASCADE can transport gas in all directions. The maximum transport capacity is around 1.2 million cubic meters of gas per hour. By way of comparison, an average one-family household uses around 2,700 cubic meters per year.