GASCADE offers new capacity product

Kassel. From 1 October 2013, GASCADE Gastransport GmbH is offering a new capacity product: dynamically allocable capacity (DAC) for power stations. DAC for power stations is similar to the dynamically allocable capacities that GASCADE has already been offering for two years. Like simple DAC, the new product guarantees reliable transport within certain allocation constraints and access to the virtual trading point (VP) on an interruptible basis.

In addition, the product “DAC for power stations” possesses features that – in the event of access to the VP being interrupted – facilitate surrogate supplies via spot markets: this ensures that the same capacity is available at the entry point from which a firm supply is possible compliant with the allocation limit. In addition, DAC for power stations customers will already be informed of the interruption at 15:00 on the day before the day of delivery. By comparison: interruptions to simple DAC and interruptible capacities are announced only three hours in advance. “This new product was developed as part of the work on the gas network development plan for 2013, and will help to make the necessary network expansion economically efficient,” says GASCADE’s Managing Director Christoph von dem Bussche.

DAC for power stations will initially be granted either upon a reservation request in accordance with Article 38 of the German Gas Network Access Regulation (GasNZV) or within an implementation schedule defined in Article 39 of the same regulations. The amount payable for DAC for power stations is 60% of the price for firm and freely allocable capacity.

You will find more information in our General Terms and Conditions of Service, which will come into effect on October 1, 2013.