EUGAL: Technical inspection successfully completed

First string passes test / next step: drying of the pipeline

Kassel. The first string of EUGAL is in the ground, hence connecting the natural gas receiving station in Lubmin (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) with the gas pressure regulating and metering in Deutschneudorf (Saxony). The final technical tests of the around 480-kilometer-long pipeline have now also been completed. 

Last week, the experts sent two ‘geometry pigs’ through the entire pipeline to scan the pipes for deformations such as bumps and dents. A ‘pig’ is a cleaning or inspection device which usually fills the entire internal diameter of the pipes. These pigs were propelled through the EUGAL pipeline by compressed air. 

The results of the evaluation of the extensive data from the geometry pigs showed that the pipeline has passed the test and can be prepared for the next steps in the commissioning process. Numerous foam drying pigs are currently being sent through the pipeline to dry up any residual moisture still in the pipes. Commissioning of the first string of EUGAL is still scheduled for 1 January 2020.