Schwarze Elster: GASCADE continues collaboration

Public authorities and Kassel companies in discussions / joint search for solutions to the historically polluted Schwarze Elster

Plessa / Kassel. In view of the situation regarding the Schwarze Elster river, GASCADE is still in discussions with the public authorities and ready to take action. In this context, and irrespective of determining the cause, other measures are being implemented to improve the situation in the affected region.

“Environmental protection and a resource-conserving construction process have top priority at GASCADE. That is why it is only natural for us to also be involved in finding a solution to the problem,” stresses the EUGAL Chief Project Manager Ludger Hümbs. Due to the situation in the Schwarze Elster, GASCADE has already been taking measures since 8 July 2019. The company has been draining pumped ground water almost exclusively onto farmland. In addition, other measures should prevent backflow into existing trench systems and the Schwarze Elster. GASCADE is also only discharging water with a pH value of at least 6 directly into existing trenches, which will additionally improve the water quality of the tributaries.