Retention basin at EUGAL construction site damaged

Cleaning operations scheduled for completion during the course of the week

Anklam/Kassel. The site for pulling in the second EUGAL string is currently being prepared at the EUGAL construction site near Stolpe on the river Peene. A retention basin was damaged during this work on Monday, 17 February 2020. Powdered rock and bentonite suspension from the drilling process are kept in this basin. The Stralsund Mining Authority, as the responsible authority, was informed immediately. 

The bentonite used at the construction site is a purely natural product used in tunnel construction. Due to the damage, a significant amount of the material has leaked and run onto the working strip.

Because of the sloping terrain, the harmless material has seeped into the forest. The Peene river is not affected. Cleaning work was initiated immediately and should be completed during the course of this week. The site has also been secured with a cofferdam to ensure that no further material can escape.