Permission granted for early start of construction in the 2nd sea section

Kassel. Today, GASCADE Gastransport GmbH (GASCADE) received approval from the Bergamt Stralsund for the early start of construction of the second sea section of the Ostsee Anbindungsleitung (OAL) pipeline from kilometer point 26 to Mukran. The permit allows the start of dredging work to construct the pipe trench and transport the dredged material to the designated storage areas. This work will now begin immediately: "This will enable us to continue building the pipeline without interruption. This is the prerequisite for achieving technical completion before the end of this calendar year," explains GASCADE Managing Director Ulrich Benterbusch.

Meanwhile, dredging and pipe-laying work on the first sea section from Lubmin to kilometer point 26 is progressing well. "The pipe-laying vessel Castoro 10 has been operating in the Greifswald Bodden since the beginning of September," explains Ulrich Benterbusch on the status of the project implementation. "In the meantime, almost ten kilometers have already been laid." Beforehand, dredgers dig the pipe trench required for the pipe-laying operation and backfill it once the pipe has been laid.

Request for understanding and patience: work will be largely completed in 2023

Despite compliance with the permissible noise limits, due to the construction of the OAL and depending on the wind direction and strength, it is sometimes louder than usual in the vicinity of the all-day work. "Unfortunately, it is unavoidable that work and engine noises can be heard during the construction phase," explains GASCADE Managing Director Ulrich Benterbusch. "As the project sponsor, we are working hard to ensure that construction is completed quickly and are taking all the measures we can to keep noise levels as low as possible. I ask for your understanding for the inconvenience we cannot avoid. After all, this is an important contribution to the security of energy supply in our country."

Provided all work can be implemented without significant interruptions, the laying work will be largely completed by the end of 2023.


GASCADE Gastransport GmbH operates a gas pipeline network throughout Germany. The Kassel-based transmission system operator offers its customers modern and competitive transport services for natural gas and, in future, other gases in the heart of Europe via its own high-pressure pipeline network, which is around 3,700 kilometres long. GASCADE is pursuing the goal of successively converting its pipeline network to the transport of hydrogen and is therefore active in several onshore and offshore hydrogen projects.