"Ostsee Anbindungsleitung" ready for transport

Work on the commercial commissioning of the OAL has been completed, feed-ins now possible in principle.

Kassel. The final step in the commercial commissioning of the OAL was successfully completed today. The approximately 50-kilometer-long pipeline system has been filled with natural gas and is ready for gas transports. 

The gas was fed into the OAL on 19 February 2024 after the 2nd planning amendment application was approved by the Stralsund Mining Authority. Now that the pressure level required for gas transportation has been reached in the pipeline, it is ready for commercial use.

"We have kept our word and made the OAL ready for transportation in the winter of 2023/24," says GASCADE Managing Director Ulrich Benterbusch. "As a transmission system operator, we are doing our part to make the German and European supply situation even more robust."