Occupation of the EUGAL building site in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania ended

No one is injured/GASCADE thanks local police force

Kassel. Part of the EUGAL building site near Wrangelsburg, southeast of Greifswald, was occupied by six members of the activist group “Climate Justice Greifswald” in the early hours of May 16, 2019. The action was ended at around 4 p.m. The activist complied with the police’s request and left the pipe voluntarily. A welded pipe of around 1.5 kilometers in length was the scene of the protest. No damage was caused and no one was injured.

GASCADE stopped its work immediately and, in coordination with the police force at the building site, handed out an oxygen meter to the persons in the pipe so as to minimize the risks to their health. In order to improve the air circulation, a cover was also removed from the pipeline section in question and a fan was installed. 

“The health and safety of everyone at the building site always has top priority for GASCADE,” says Ludger Hümbs, Chief EUGAL Project Manager, adding: “The protesters exposed themselves to a great risk with their action. That’s why we halted all construction work right away and are pleased the action was able to be ended peacefully without anyone suffering any injury. Our special thanks go to the local police force, which had the situation under control at all times.” 

GASCADE is principally always willing to engage in discussions. Even before construction began, GASCADE had provided information on the project along the route and sought dialog with the affected citizens and communities. “It’s our conviction that natural gas is a good complement to renewable energies and will play a key role in the energy transition,” says Ludger Hümbs. 

GASCADE thanks the local police force and employees for their prudent approach and their calm and rapid response.