Maintenance work on the ERM pipeline in Oppau completed

Plastic insulation of the pipeline upgraded / areas will be restored

Kassel/Oppau. The maintenance work on the ERM pipeline has been completed after just over two months. The work was carried out on an around 300-meter-long section below the Gehlenweiher lake. 

“We are pleased that the work was completed on schedule. Before the work started, we had an in-depth dialog, which helped us to understand the citizens’ perspective, and at the same time explain the work and the background to them,” explains Axel Bühning, the project manager. 

Prior to the work, there were concerns on the part of the local residents. The construction site is a few hundred meters away from where a tragic accident occurred in 2014.

“We deeply regret the accident in 2014. Human error led to an accident at that time – a sheet pile wall was positioned incorrectly and damaged the pipeline. We took the concerns of the local residents very seriously.” A citizen information market was held before the start of the construction work to allow an exchange and to explain the work to be carried out.

The areas and paths at the construction site will now be restored to their original state. The path below the Gehlenweiher lake will be freely accessible again at the start of November. Greening of the section will be carried out from November.

The ERM pipeline is just under 57 kilometers long. Gas flows through it from Ludwigshafen towards Karlsruhe. The pipeline supplies downstream regional networks and hence households as well as trade and industry there.