Invitation to tender: Fuel gas for EUGAL

Estimated consumption demand of 820,000 MWh for one year / prequalification ends on 17 August

Kassel. “As network operator we need what is referred to as fuel gas. It is used to operate our pipelines and systems,” explains Christoph von dem Bussche, Managing Director of GASCADE. “We are therefore inviting all gas traders to take part in our latest invitation to tender for fuel gas for the European gas pipeline link EUGAL. EUGAL is around 480 kilometers in length and runs from Lubmin on the Baltic Sea to Deutschneudorf on the German-Czech border.” 

“We expect consumption demand to be around 820,000 MWh for one supply year,” says Igor Uspenskiy, Managing Director of GASCADE, summing up the demand. “This natural gas will be used to operate EUGAL, including the Lubmin 2 natural gas receiving station, the Radeland 2 compressor station and the Deutschneudorf natural gas export station. The natural gas must be made available at the three specified delivery points.”

The documents required for prequalification for this invitation to tender must be received by 12 noon 17 August 2020. The tender and bidding phase ends at 12 noon on 25 August 2020. The contract award phase will end at 6 p.m. on 1 September 2020.