Invitation to tender for hydrogen filling

Kassel. GASCADE Gastransport GmbH, a German network operator with a pipeline network spanning approximately 3,700 kilometres is planning to convert certain pipeline sections from natural gas to hydrogen as part of the 'Flow - making hydrogen happen' project. Producers and traders are invited to support us with the first deliveries of green hydrogen for the initial filling of a pipeline section. 

The tender for procuring green hydrogen is planned for late 2024 or early 2025. The following key dates reflect the current planning status and are subject to change:

Start of the tender: 4th quarter 2024 to 1st quarter 2025
Allocation: until the beginning of the 2nd quarter 2025
Start of deliveries: until the beginning of the 3rd quarter 2025
Pipeline section: between Lubmin and Radeland (OPAL-Nord)
Quantity: approx. 20 Mio. m³ (Vn), roughly 71 GWh bei 3,54 kWh/m³
Feed- in pressure (inlet pressure): up to a pressure of 40 barg
Purity (Cleanliness): 99,97 %

The pipeline section will be ready for initial filling by the end of the second quarter of 2025, allowing for hydrogen transport to begin before the end of that year. We are currently finalising all other framework conditions and details of the scope of services.

We would be pleased to discuss the exact implementation of our project with you. If you are interested in supporting us with the tender preparation, please contact us.

Your contact at GASCADE:

Purchasing: Ulrike Fink / ulrike.finkSpam
Hydrogen/Sustainable development: Dr. Dirk Flandrich / dirk.flandrichSpam
Asset Management: Thomas Vaupel / thomas.vaupelSpam