GASCADE supports the “Kleine Riesen” (Little Giants) and the Panama center

Employees donate a total of 5,000 euros for both associations 

Kassel. The employees at the transmission system operator GASCADE are providing a hopeful start to the new year by donating a total of 5,000 euros to the charitable associations “Soziale Hilfe” (Social Help) and “Kleine Riesen”. Both aid organizations will each receive 2,500 euros.

“Our daily business is transporting natural gas safely. In addition, however, we feel a commitment to our environment and especially to those people who aren't doing well,” said Christoph von dem Bussche, Managing Director of the Kassel-based company. And his Managing Director colleague Igor Uspenskiy adds: “Kassel and its surroundings are home to many institutions and associations that do indispensable work. Our employees are happy to help out.” Works Council Chairman Stefan Gilfert is enthusiastic about the campaign launched by the Works Council: “The willingness of the colleagues to donate was phenomenal. The employees donated more than 3,000 euros and the Management topped up the amount to 5,000 euros. Many thanks for that.” 

The “Soziale Hilfe” association helps destitute people. Its Panama center in GASCADE’s neighborhood provides destitute people with many different kinds of help, advice and support. This includes warm meals, clothing, showers, emergency shelters, baggage storage and medical assistance, but also social contact, assistance on dealing with official authorities or finding a place to live, and joining in activities such as cooking together or game afternoons. 

The non-profit association is the legally responsible body for the pediatric palliative team in Northern Hesse and is committed to the establishment of an outpatient team consisting of doctors, nurses, psychologists and therapists, for the purpose of supplying medical, nursing and psychological care to seriously and terminally ill children and young people in the administrative region of Kassel and neighboring districts.