EUGAL in Saxony: Approval for the northern section obtained

The Dresden office of the state authorities in Saxony issues planning approval decision for the northern section. Construction of the pipeline in the state can commence.

Dresden/Kassel. Construction of the section of the European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL) in Saxony can begin in September. The planning approval decision was handed over to the company in charge of the project, GASCADE Gastransport GmbH, by the Dresden office of the state authorities in Saxony today, Thursday, 6 September 2018. It contains all the partial approvals required to build the northern section of EUGAL in Saxony. The section runs southward from the municipality of Schönfeld in the Meißen district to Wilsdruff in the Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge district. 

The necessary preparations for construction have already commenced. Building of the northern section in Saxony, which is 52 kilometers in length, will start in the coming week. The first work will begin near Coswig in the Meißen district, where tunneling below the River Elbe by means of a culvert will be prepared. Removal of the topsoil will begin soon at further sites along the planned route. Laying of the entire section of EUGAL in Saxony is expected to take until the end of 2019. All owners and leaseholders whose plots of land are affected will be notified before work starts.

The Office for Mining, Geology and Raw Materials in Brandenburg had already issued a positive planning approval decision for the section in that federal state on 17 August. The building work commenced immediately after that. “We were committed from the outset to planning EUGAL in close coordination with local citizens and taking their concerns into account throughout the processes. I believe the approvals from Saxony and Brandenburg show that we’ve succeeded in that,” says Ludger Hümbs, EUGAL’s Chief Project Manager. “We hope the approvals for the pipeline’s southern section in Saxony and the export station in Deutschneudorf will soon follow,” adds Hümbs.

EUGAL is a natural gas pipeline that will extend over a length of some 480 kilometers from the Baltic Sea through Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg via southern Saxony to the border with the Czech Republic and will largely comprise two parallel strings. EUGAL will be built with one string in Saxony, running southward from Schönfeld (Meißen district) to Deutschneudorf (Erzgebirgskreis district) at the German/Czech border. The pipeline will cross the Elbe at Coswig in the Meißen district. A natural gas export station with a gas pressure regulating and metering station is also planned in Deutschneudorf. With the construction of EUGAL, GASCADE is responding to the growing demand for natural gas and transport capacity in Europe.

GASCADE provides information about the project on the Internet site