New allocation rule in Mallnow from 1 November onwards

Mechanism allocated as nominated for both flow directions

Kassel / Warsaw. From 01 November 2016 06:00 CET onwards there will be a new allocation rule in Mallnow: The rule ‘allocated as nominated’ removes the mechanism of a so-called balancing shipper. This has become possible due to an agreement between GASCADE and the Polish transmission system operator GAZ-SYSTEM to introduce an Operation Balancing Account (OBA) for both flow directions at the interconnection point Mallnow.

The use of an OBA is foreseen in Article 9 point 2 of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/703 of 30 April 2015 establishing a network code on operability and data exchange (NC INT). It enables GAZ-SYSTEM and GASCADE to apply the allocation rule ‘allocated as nominated’ for every network user in Mallnow, as differences between the measured gas flow through Mallnow and the matched quantities (nominated by the network users and confirmed by the adjacent TSO) for both flow directions in Mallnow can be monitored and thus can be settled by the adjacent transmission system operators to a later point in time.

Further information to the interconnection point Mallnow is available in our download area in section "Grid access".