GASCADE presents running shirts to young runners

Gas network operator supports boys and girls from Kassel running the Mini Marathon 2015

Kassel. In the run-up to the Kassel Mini Marathon in May 2015, the Kassel-based gas network operator has presented the children it sponsors with running shirts. "By sponsoring them, we'd like to encourage the children to trust their legs and develop their own spirit while having fun," said GASCADE Managing Director Christoph von dem Bussche when presenting the T-shirts at the Valentin Traudt School in Kassel. 60 young runners and pacemakers, mainly of primary school age, were delighted with the bright green shirts, drinking bottles and gym bags.

GASCADE is enabling 1,100 children and young people to take part in the Mini Marathon in May which takes place a day before the main Kassel Marathon. The schools sponsored include not only the Valentin Traudt School but also the Waldau Open School and the Alexander Schmorell School.

Consequently, GASCADE is doing more than simply ensuring that environmentally-friendly gas is transported reliably through Germany. "We're doing good in our local area too," emphasized von dem Bussche. "We'd also like to support Winfried Aufenanger and his team. Year after year, they put their hearts and souls into organizing a sporting event which is unrivaled within the region."

With over 6,000 participants, the Mini Marathon which covers a distance of 4.219 km is the biggest of the E.ON Kassel Marathon competitions in numerical terms. The organizer is proud of the way in which the event has developed. After all, it is now one of the really big events in Germany. Last year, 110 schools in Kassel took part in the race. Hard-working teachers as well as many parents supported the girls and boys.

The Kassel Marathon is Northern Hesse's biggest running event and will take place from May 15 to 17, 2015.