GASCADE posts offer a home to useful insects

The pipeline network operator and Kassel Werkstatt cooperate to build insect hotels

Kassel. Protection of the environment and species often has humble beginnings: Which is why the pipeline network operator GASCADE has teamed up with Kassel Werkstatt to launch a pilot project to build insect hotels. At the initiative of GASCADE, employees of the Werkstatt made 13 houses that are now to be mounted on marker posts. GASCADE's Managing Director Christoph von dem Bussche and the responsible Head of Operations Martin Winkeler took delivery of the first insect hotel on Tuesday at the Central German Gas Link pipeline (MIDAL), which runs near Baunatal (Kassel district).

Bumble-bees, wild bees and other useful insects ensure the next fruit harvest by pollinating the blossoms. To do that, however, they need safe cavities in wood, the soil or stones in order to create brood chambers and hibernate undisturbed. "Our marker posts have a red roof and are perfect for that purpose," says von dem Bussche to explain how the idea came about. "And we're delighted to have Kassel Werkstatt as our cooperation partner."

The employees of the "Agency for Adapted Work" were immediately inspired by the idea, emphasized education assistant Markus Grote. Before work commenced in the Werkstatt's own workshop, the group visited one of the just over 1.50-meter posts along MIDAL and measured the cavity in which the insect hotels are now located. MIDAL has a length of 679 kilometers and is the heart of GASCADE's pipeline system. Like all GASCADE pipelines, it is marked with yellow posts placed 500 meters apart to show where the underground pipeline runs.