GASCADE employees support Kassel charity for homeless

3,200 euros donated to the Panama center – Director: “We need every single euro!”

Kassel. What a wonderful Christmas present: The more than 400 employees of the Kassel-based transmission system operator GASCADE have donated 3,200 euros to the Kassel charity Verein Soziale Hilfe.

“Our employees have shown a great willingness to help,” Stefan Gilfert, the Chairman of the Works Council at GASCADE and the initiator of the fund-raising drive, said during the presentation of the donation at the Panama, a day center run by the charity. GASCADE Managing Director Christoph von dem Bussche firmly supports this effort: “Panama is located in our neighborhood. Tremendous work is done here. People whose lives have been turned upside down receive assistance from social workers and a large number of volunteers. With our donation, we want to help continue their work.”

Michael Kurz, the director of the Verein Soziale Hilfe, was glad to receive the money: “We desperately need every single euro.” The center says that each year it serves about 15,000 visitors, distributes 7,000 meals and arranges accommodations in night shelters more than 1,000 times. “Winter is fast approaching, and we have no intention of letting people in our city freeze to death,” Kurz said. He also expressly thanked the employees of GASCADE for their generosity.

The Verein Soziale Hilfe helps destitute homeless individuals in Kassel, have just been released from prison, lack adequate housing, or live in shelters.