von dem Bussche: "The developments are shocking"

The developments over the past few days are shocking to us. We are deeply concerned as we witness a European catastrophe. Also on behalf of our employees, we want to express our deepest sympathy for the people of Ukraine. We earnestly hope that the military escalation will quickly come to an end.

Together with the authorities, we are monitoring the current supply situation very closely, because it is our task and our contribution as an independent transmission system operator to ensure a reliable and secure energy supply.

We are a German company and have been organized and certified by the German Federal Network Agency since 2012 as a fully regulated independent transmission operator on the basis of the German Energy Industry Act. That means that we transport natural gas from different sources for Germany and the whole of Europe. We do so on the basis of transparent conditions and in close cooperation with the other German and European transmission network operators. Secure and reliable energy transport is what makes us who we are and what we stand for, regardless of our shareholder structure. That is what we can and aim to do for Germany and Europe both at this time and in the future.