The latest survey proves it: GASCADE customers are happy

Kassel. Fast, reliable and friendly – that's what customers and downstream network operators are saying about GASCADE. In the latest customer survey, respondents voiced special praise for the German pipeline operator's competency and trustful cooperation. "The results demonstrate that we are being perceived as the kind of strong and reliable partner we strive to be," says Dirk Flandrich, head of capacity management.

The respondents rated the general market presence of the pipeline operator as "good". This means that GASCADE leaves a sustainably positive impression, because it received the same grade in the 2012 survey. Another welcome finding: the acceptance of the European PRISMA capacity management platform has increased substantially since the previous survey with a rating of 2.1 (2012: 2.5). 2.5:

GASCADE also improved in the "Transport accounting for gas dealers" category. The customers also raised their rating of GASCADE's image, which improved slightly over the "good" earned in 2012. Downstream network operators, on the other hand, downgraded the company's performance slightly in this category. "We are taking this seriously, although regulations and standardizations are giving us less and less leeway in this area," explains Flandrich.

Although the respondents are generally pleased with GASCADE's services, they see room for improvements in a few special areas. For example, they want to receive "more personal attention and less bureaucracy". They also proposed to simplify the procedure for ordering internal capacities from downstream network operators. Some customers also recommended to make changes on GASCADE's homepage. "Many of these items we will implement shortly with a redesign of our website," explained press officer Tatjana Braun.

The customer survey is conducted every two years. This year's survey was the first in which gas dealers and downstream network operators were able to use an online tool to assign school grades (from 1 to 6, with 1 being the best and 6 the worst) in eight categories. The questions covered various aspects of our customer support, Internet presence and image. More than one-third of GASCADE customers responded, which represent a significant increase over 2012. GASCADE raffled off three Kindle Fire HD tablets among the participants, with Currenta, DONG and Gazprom Export emerging as the lucky winners.