GASCADE publishes offering levels for new transport capacities

Capacity expansion at four market area boundaries – three levels to Poland

Kassel. A month before the auctions on the European capacity platform PRISMA, GASCADE has published its offering levels. The transmission system operator is thus already offering all transport customers the opportunity now to extensively prepare for the auctions being held in parallel on 6 March.

The offering levels now published are the result of the non-binding more capacity market survey from the summer of 2015, the subsequent technical studies and a market consultation last year. During the market survey, in which what are now five transmission system operators took part, a total of around 89 GW of additional capacity per year was requested for the long term on the entry side, while around 107 GW was requested on the exit side. The requests relate to the transition points from the GASPOOL market area to the Czech Republic (67 GW), the Netherlands (12 GW), Western Germany (Net Connect Germany, 14 GW) and Poland (14 GW).

The Supplementary Terms and Conditions of Business already published envisage, among other things, that transport customers first have to book the existing capacities in full before new capacities can be made available to them. To allow Poland to be supplied securely and independently in the future with natural gas from the west, GASCADE will offer the transport customers three offering levels with freely assignable capacities in the auctions. Once the capacities have been expanded at the Mallnow network point, the total existing capacities and new technical capacities could be as follows: 11,988,000 kWh/h (offering level I) 13,986,000 kWh/h (offering level II) or 21,686,000 kWh/h (offering level III). At the market area boundary with the Czech Republic, GASCADE is offering four offering levels for new technical capacities at the new Deutschneudorf-EUGAL network point. 42,424,666 kWh/h (offering level I), 44,424,666 kWh/h (offering level II), 46,634,666 kWh/h (offering level III) or 49,679,866 kWh/h (offering level IV).

With the publication of its offering levels, GASCADE is also setting out in greater detail its plans for the new natural gas receiving station: The new network point – previously known as Vierow – is now called Lubmin II. In Lubmin, the gas will be received from the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline and then made available to the European market via the planned European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL) and the Northern European Gas Pipeline Link (NEL) which is connected to the EUGAL.