Construction of the North-West pipeline link (NOWAL) to commence at the start of March

Important link in the German pipeline network –
Pipe delivery from 30 January 2017

Rehden. Delivery of the pipes for the planned North-West pipeline link (NOWAL) will begin on 30 January 2017. Three storage locations are available for the roughly 1,500 pipes along the route. The pipes are on average 17 meters long and one meter in diameter.

Laying of the NOWAL is to commence at the start of March. The roughly 26-kilometer pipeline will run from Rehden in Lower Saxony to Drohne in North Rhine-Westphalia to connect GASCADE's long-distance pipelines in central Germany with its western network. The project is part of the German gas pipeline development plan and complies with the German Energy Industry Act.

"Protecting the environment and the public has top priority for GASCADE whenever we build a pipeline," stresses project manager Axel Bühning. Accordingly, the three pipe storage locations and the working strip will no longer be visible once the construction work has been completed.

The construction of the over 26-kilometer-long NOWAL, which has been a key project in the gas network development plans since 2012, will support the conversion from L-gas to H-gas and improve the supply situation for natural gas in Western Germany.

Storage location for NOWAL pipes

Rohrlagerplatz für die NOWAL