GASCADE supports quick claim settlement

Following the gas line accident: Help arrives at full speed

Ludwigshafen/Kassel. The relief effort for people who have been affected by the gas line accident in Ludwigshafen continues at full speed. The damages on vehicles will be repaired very soon by authorized shops, according to pipeline network operator GASCADE. "Although the cause of the accident is still under investigation, the appraisers hired by us are working tirelessly," says GASCADE's Managing Director Christoph von dem Bussche.

On October 23, a gas pipeline operated by the Kassel-based pipeline network operator was damaged so severely during construction work preparations that an explosion occurred. One construction worker died, and three of his coworkers suffered severe injuries. The property damages was also significant. To help affected citizens with their claims, one day after the accident, GASCADE opened a hotline that was even staffed on weekends. Roughly 1,000 claimants have called so far. 80 percent of the claims were for damages to vehicles, mostly for scratches caused by quartz sand that was sent airborne by the explosion.

People affected by the accident can get in touch with GASCADE at 0561-934 3737. Company employees will help them to get answers to their questions. They can also transmit information about damages and personal data to local claims examiners. People who want to make an appointment to have their vehicle repaired or their specific claim inspected can also call the examiners' hotline directly at 0800 - 33 33 110.

"The cooperation between GASCADE and the rescue services was outstanding right from the start," said emergency counselor Reinhard Herzog. "GASCADE will continue to cooperate closely with the City of Ludwigshafen, the fire department and the German Red Cross (DRK). This approach has been very successful, which is why we are keeping it in place," said Managing Director von dem Bussche. People can also get in touch with GASCADE face-to-face: on weekdays, a GASCADE employee will be available in the German Red Cross building on Edigheimer Strasse 143. In addition, a team of counselors continues to stand by to help people who need assistance of a more mental or psychological nature. The team can be contacted via the control center of the Ludwigshafen Fire Department. Since over 300 donations in kind have already been received, aid workers ask people not to send any more since they will be unable to accept them.