GASCADE employees help people in need

2,500 euros donated for charitable Projects

Kassel. To start out the new year on a hopeful note, the employees of pipeline operator GASCADE have once again donated 2,500 euros to the Advent charity, which is sponsored by Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine (HNA). The money will be used to help people in northern Hesse and southern Lower Saxony who are in desperate need of support through no fault of their own. "GASCADE does much more than safely transport natural gas. We are also active in solving social problems in the areas in which we operate," said Christoph von dem Bussche, Managing Director of the Kassel-based company.  

GASCADE employees have also supported the program in the previous year and collected a good amount of money, which the company increased to 2,500 euros. "Kassel and its surroundings are home to many institutions and associations that do very valuable work. Our employees are happy that we can help some of these this year as well," said von dem Bussche.

The donations collected by Aktion Advent support programs like "Kinder für Nordhessen" and the Ponydrome in Immenhausen, which provides equine therapy for children with special needs. Other recipients include food banks and families in need.