Implementation of a marketing zone
for Lampertheim I and Reckrod I
as of 21 April 2016

In accordance with Section 11, para. 2 of the Gas Network Access Regulation, gas transmission network operators have to combine entry capacities at different entry points to implement entry zones. This also applies similarly to exit capacities.

Due to this reason, GASCADE Gastransport GmbH, Kassel (GASCADE) and Open Grid Europe GmbH, Essen (OGE) will combine the entry and exit points Lampertheim I and Reckrod I into one entry and exit zone with effect from 21 April 2016. At OGE, the new zone will be called “Zone GACADE”, at GASCADE it will be called “Zone OGE”.

The transmission fees including all previous fee components will continue to apply unchanged for the future entry and exit zone in the network of GASCADE Gastransport GmbH.

We would like to point out that, contracts can no longer be nominated and processed at the individual physical points assigned to the zone after the introduction of the entry and exit zone. The current contracts existing at the network points Lampertheim I and Reckrod I will be adopted to the new Zone GASCADE / Zone OGE with effect from 21 April 2016 06:00. The capacity contract owners affected by the zoning will be informed separately regarding the conversion of their contracts to the Zone GACADE / Zone OGE.

Up to 21 April 2016, 06:00 transmission (incl. all related contractual relations and processes) will be performed, via the current network points Lampertheim I and Reckrod I.

If you submit your nominations to GASCADE by Edig@s communication, changes to the so-called "area codes" are required. The location code for the zone GASCADE will be “37Y000000000385S”. If you use the nomination portal, we would request you to only use the virtual market area interconnection zones for nominations of transmission with effect from 21 April 2016, 06:00.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel.: +49 561 934-2105
Fax: +49 561 934-4518