FAQ – Diploma candidates, interns and working students

How do I apply for a position at GASCADE?
You decide whether you want to get in touch with us via email or "traditional" mail. In either case, always include your complete and informative application documents and your earliest possible entry date.

If you use email, send your email application to:
jobsSpam Protect@gascade.de

Please note that the entire package must not exceed 4 MB and that it should consist of as few individual documents as possible. (For example, you may want to combine all your references in a single PDF file.)

If you use regular mail, address your application to:
GASCADE Gastransport GmbH
Kölnische Straße 108–112
34119 Kassel

Are the online job postings up-to-date?
As a rule, all positions advertised on our Career pages are current and still open. We look forward to hearing from you.

Can I send in an unsolicited application?
You can send us your application at any time via email or regular mail. Make sure, however, that you describe your desired position and your qualifications in as much detail as possible.

What documents should I enclose with the application? 
In addition to an informative cover letter, your résumé (CV), your current performance list of university and relevant credentials (school, training program, college/university, work references, etc.), we pay special attention to factors that apply directly to the advertised position (for example, IT and programming expertise or experience in the energy industry).

Do I have to be able to speak Russian?
No, our official language is German. We also expect you have a solid knowledge of English.

Does GASCADE have fixed hiring dates?
No, we don't. We look forward to hearing from you at any time.

I sent my application to GASCADE. When will I receive a response?
We will send you a confirmation that we received your application within a few days. We check all applications and try to give you a response as quickly as possible. This may take more or less time, depending on the department. Please be patient.

Should I call after I have sent my application to GASCADE?
There is no need. We will contact your after your application has been checked by the respective department unit(s) and our HR department.

When will the positions be filled?
Unless otherwise specified in the job advertisement, our open positions can be filled immediately.

Can I apply for several positions at the same time?
Yes, you can. Multiple applications do not affect any prior applications we received from you. If you apply for several jobs, though, make sure to adapt your cover letter for each.

Can I apply to GASCADE with a bachelor's degree?
Of course. People with bachelor's degrees have the same opportunities as people with traditional diplomas or master's degrees.

How many hours do interns and working students work?
Interns work full-time, i.e. 38 hours per week. As a working student you are permitted to work no more than 20 hours per week. During semester breaks you can work full-time. 

What type of compensation to working students, interns and diploma candidates receive?
You will be compensated, of course. For working students and interns, the compensation will be based on your progress in your studies and the experience you have already collected. We will tell you the exact amount during the interview.

What does the topic selection process for my diploma thesis look like?
We recommend discussing potential topics with your college professor and apply to us with one or two proposals. We will then support you with the required practical background and give you the opportunity to communicate with our experts.

How much time do I have to schedule for an internship or diploma thesis?
Internships at GASCADE run for at least three months and no more than six months. Depending on your particular examination regulations, writing a diploma thesis generally takes six weeks to six months.

Do you offer internships abroad?
Unfortunately, we don't. But we offer many exciting internships at our headquarters in Kassel.

More questions?
Don't hesitate to get in touch with the respective contact person in our HR department.