Materials Management

Materials Management of GASCADE is responsible for the procurement of technical goods and services of GASCADE Gastransport GmbH as well as their operating companies.

In order to ensure optimal procurement we would like to cooperate with competitive suppliers. Environmental, work safety and social standards are important concerns in our supplier relationships.

Code of conduct for suppliers

As we see our suppliers as partners, we also expect them to adhere to these values. This expectation is reflected in GASCADE’s code of conduct for suppliers. Alongside the topics of price, quality and deadlines, the code of conduct forms the basis for the selection of our suppliers.

According to the DIN EN ISO 50001 we would like to point out that the valuation of a procurement of energy services, products and facilities, which have or could have an impact on the essential energy use, is partially based on the energy related performance. In certain cases this means that energy efficiency is a relevant decision criteria in purchasing a corresponding procurement of services, products or equipments.

General terms and conditions and forms

In order to guarantee that the performance and delivery of services and products commissioned by us meet our high quality and safety standards, compliance with our general terms and conditions and the use of our forms is of great importance. 

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