Job description:
Specialist Worker at the compressor station/pipeline

What qualifications do you need for your job?

Dennis Sadowski: I'm a trained electronic technician. However, you should also have gas-specific knowledge. 

What are your typical main tasks?

Sadowski: We're responsible here for maintaining and repairing the compressor station. We also do standby duty to remedy any problems that may arise. 

What are the particular advantages of your post?

Sadowski: The work is very varied. That means specifically: I gain an insight into many areas of an electrical or gas facility and in supporting work at building sites. In addition, pinpointing and rectifying problems is always a challenge and exciting. 

What special interests and skills should you bring with you?

Sadowski: You should definitely be open to doing standby duty. In addition, you have to work as a team to make progress with work. That means you need to be a team player. 

How did the company help you get to know the ropes?

Sadowski: I joined GASCADE in 2006, when the Lippe compression station was just being built. I practically watched the station grow and was able to learn the ropes directly on it.

How can you gain further qualifications?

Sadowski: Further development is a fine thing and it is also greatly encouraged. The company repeatedly provides offerings and you can also make suggestions yourself.