Job description:
Regulation Management Specialist

What qualifications do you need for your job?

Niklas Schäfer: Generally speaking, you should have a university degree. Of course, it's also an advantage to have special know-how in the field of energy and regulation and speak foreign languages, especially English. Initial practical experience in these fields makes it easier to learn the ropes. 

What are your typical main tasks?

Schäfer: I mainly deal with questions of transparency and IT solutions. We at Regulation Management are responsible for implementing the regulatory stipulations of the German Federal Network Agency, the European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and the EU Commission. We're also in many bodies and interest groups so as to represent the interests of GASCADE and pipeline network operators at the European and national level.

What are the particular advantages of your post?

Schäfer: We've a great deal of freedom and are open to new ideas. Since we have flat hierarchies, we also soon come into contact with top management. Everyone of us thus develops special expert knowledge quickly and is then an important contact person for his or her field.

What special interests and skills should you bring with you?

Schäfer: It's enormously important to think in an interdisciplinary way. The job requires you to become familiar with a mix of legal, business administration and IT topics. That's why I find it so very interesting and varied. 

How did the company help you get to know the ropes?

Schäfer: I found my induction at GASCADE to be a very pleasant experience. A mentor helps you acclimatize and so you are gradually given more responsibility. This system is very helpful. 

How can you gain further qualifications?

Schäfer: In general, we coordinate that with our supervisor. You need to show personal initiative in that respect. Then you are really given a lot of opportunities.