Job description:
Network Requirements Planning Specialist

What qualifications do you need for your job?

Dirk Lieser: A basic requirement is to have studied a subject in the field of process engineering at university. In addition, you should have already gained work experience for the post. 

What are your typical main tasks?

Lieser: As part of our everyday work, my colleagues and I control gas flows in the network and ensure correct implementation of the contractual framework. One long-term task was also supporting the system solution from our IT provider. 

What are the particular advantages of your post?

Lieser: Creating and modeling things to visualize complex processes and make them more transparent – that's what's most fun. 

What special interests and skills should you bring with you?

Lieser: You should have an affinity for IT, because you work a lot with software and computer programs in this job. 

How did the company help you get to know the ropes?

Lieser: GASCADE has a mentor program in which every new employee is flanked by an experienced colleague who gives you a really good grounding in the processes. 

How can you gain further qualifications?

Lieser: There are diverse further development opportunities and they're also supported by the company. They extend over four levels: Colleagues teach each other and then there are special offerings to expand your IT knowledge, technical know-how and personal skills.