Job description:
Market Area Management and Business Development Specialist

What qualifications do you need for your job?

Janek von Juterzenka: You definitely need to have studied at university, best of all engineering or industrial engineering.

What are your typical main tasks?

von Juterzenka: My main task is to calculate capacities and future network flows. I also collaborate in creating network development plans and market analyses, as well as dealing with capacity-related matters. 

What are the particular advantages of your post?

von Juterzenka: The most interesting aspect in my view is that it combines various disciplines: the technical, regulatory, business administration and legal levels.

What special interests and skills should you bring with you?

von Juterzenka: An ability to think abstractly – i.e. to look outside the box and work across different disciplines – is enormously important. And also: To be open to new things. 

How did the company help you get to know the ropes?

von Juterzenka: The support my mentor gave me was very good. The very practical familiarization I was given meant I was also delegated responsibility soon from the outset.

How can you gain further qualifications?

von Juterzenka: Further training at GASCADE is practiced on the job. Everything's handled in a very uncomplicated way and you can also take care of finding and choosing further training offerings on your own.