Job description:
IT Operations Manager

What qualifications do you need for your job?

Lara Berdelsmann: There are several ways to become an IT Operations Manager. You can train, for example, as a system electronics technician or an IT business administrator. Alternatively, people with a university degree in computer science or business studies are also welcome. 

What are your typical main tasks?

Berdelsmann: We ensure that operations run smoothly. That means we're responsible for making sure the IT structure runs without hitches and is state-of-the-art. As part of that, we work closely with external service providers. Of course, we also look to see whether processes can be optimized and how. 

What are the particular advantages of your post?

Berdelsmann: There are lots of different and exciting tasks. And when everything runs well, that always gives you a sense of satisfaction. 

What special interests and skills should you bring with you?

Berdelsmann: You should be able to think analytically and make interconnections between the various structures. You also have to stay flexible and spontaneously change the program of work you'd planned for a day. Then there are constantly new developments, technology and software. You should therefore be open to new things and continuous training on the job. 

How did the company help you get to know the ropes?

Berdelsmann: I received a warm welcome and was soon delegated responsibility. It's been my experience that new team members are integrated in everyday work processes right away. 

How can you gain further qualifications?

Berdelsmann: I recently attended an extensive and very intensive further training course. The company does a lot to help us gain further skills. For instance, every year experts give us training directly at our IT systems.